A talk illustrated with over 200 colour slides looks at winter and autumn in the park. Here we see one of the perhaps the worlds greatest natural phenomena. Yellowstone is the largest Geo-thermal area anywhere on the planet. Where the earth's heated core is allowed to heat the surface water, which percolates through the rock fissures and is super heated causing it to explode to the surface as geysers and bubbling mud pools. The surface area is rich in mineral and bacterial growth, which manifests itself as a myriad of colours and shapes on the edge of the hot pools. The warm waters attract a rich variety of plant and animal life from North American Bison, Moose, herds of wild Elk to Bald Eagles, Trumpeter Swans and even insects. The talk looks at winter and fall in the park. The remainder of our journey visits the Grand Tetons, the rolling cornfields of Eastern Washington State and the sites of Montana.