The talk will look at the unbelievable landscapes that can be found here and no where else on earth. A 35mm transparency lecture looking at the magnificent landscape of Arizona and Utah From the arid deserts around Sedona we travel north to the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, seen in changing light and weather conditions, one minute desert sun to the next deep snow. We go deep into the canyons of northern Arizona and see how nature has carved the narrow slots. Then to the magnificent Colorado River carved hundred of feet into the earth. We will visit Zion National Park and the fairyland of Bryce Canyon and see how ice and rain has etched into the sandstone leaving the mystical hoodoos. From here we drive high into the mountains of southern Utah and to the wonders of Arches National Park to see natural stone arches many hundreds of feet across etched from the rock. Monument Valley will be recognised as the home of many famous western films. The backdrop is unmistakable. This whole talk is interspersed with many more stunning views of this landscape.