Slide Lectures


A talk covering many aspects of 35 mm colour transparency photography. The photographs are all taken in the British Isles and looks at both the natural world and other types of photography available in Britain. The photography covers many aspect of natural history photography, including flowers, insects and birds. In addition we see the landscape possibilities available to the British photographer as well as many other types of photography, Sports, Architectural and creative. Something for everyone.



A 35mm slide talk covering many aspects of landscape photography. The slides will show the varying possibilities available to the landscape photographer by the use of light and the selection of aspects of the landscape. The talk will demonstrate that by use of the correct selection of light or subject how the landscape can be used as a pictorial medium as well as an illustrative tool. The talk will visit a number of locations, The Lake District, Scotland, Norway and the Yorkshire Dales showing the importance the use of light in landscape photography.



A Natural History talk illustrated with 35mm colour transparencies. The talk will deal mainly with my love of bird photography, but will also illustrate many other aspects of wildlife photography. The subjects covered will include flowers, insects, plants, fungi and mammals. The talk will show the wealth of photographic opportunities available to the British wildlife photographer, with the vast majority of photographs being shot in the United Kingdom.



A talk consisting of colour transparencies showing the life and people of the Rajasthan. The slides will illustrate the sites and scenes of this wonderful country as well as a in depth look at the fantastic people of this colourful land. It attempts to give a realistic portrayal of the life style of the ordinary people of India showing how they live and work. It is not an attempt to show the depravity that exists, but the true picture of a happy and friendly people who are happy with their lot. The talk begins in Delhi and visits Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra with a visit to one of the most famous gatherings the Pushkar Camel Fair. This is not a sight seeing visit to the palaces and temples of India but a look and the real the India, its people.



This talk illustrated with 35mm colour transparencies looks at the wonderful photographic opportunities in Norway. The talk deals mainly with the landscape of this rugged country as well as some of the natural history to be found. In a land where water abounds the photography explores the creative possibilities as well as the pictorial opportunities that are available. The country is one of the few lands that still has to be spoilt by man and is shown in all its unspoiled splendour.



A look at two of this country's most beautiful places, The Lake District, and The Yorkshire Dales. There is a special emphasis on the landscape of these two outstanding areas of Britain, with the emphasis being on photographic opportunities available in the colder months of the year, autumn and winter. The variety and pictorial possibilities of photography in these parts of the country are exposed in order top show the viewer what can be achieved in a relatively small area of the country.



This is a talk illustrated with 35mm colour transparencies showing the work I have been engaged in since with the Department of Transport and the Home Office in the introduction of Traffic Camera Systems into operational use in the United Kingdom. I am regarded as the leading authority on the use of these devices. The talk will detail the reasoning behind the introduction of these systems both in the detection of motorists who fail to comply with traffic signals or speed limits. There will be a detailed look at the system as well as how it is used and the results it produces. The talk will illustrate how photography can be put to a practical use saving lives and making the road a safer place for us all.



This look at the people and places of India shows the many facets of this exciting country. The photographs will show the people in their natural environment giving an insight into the way that they live. From the encounters with the many people of the villages and towns of western India to the families and workers in the gigantic brickwork's of Udaipur and the engineers in the steam locomotive works. We even venture deep into the Thar Desert, (the worlds third largest) to see how the people live and travel. An encounter with the huge sand dunes near the Pakistan border and the remote homesteads scattered in this rugged place. The colourful world of India can be seen in all its glory.



This is a lecture illustrated with medium format colour transparencies taken using Mamiya equipment. The slides illustrate a wide variety of subject matter including, landscape, creative, natural history, architectural and many other aspects. The versatility of the medium format camera is illustrated with visits to India, Norway and many other locations. The quality of the medium format is illustrated with the variety of subject matter covered.
(OWN PROJECTOR SUPPLIED) (There is an extra fee of £10 to cover the use of own equipment)


A new 35mm transparency lecture available for 1995. This will cover a wide variety of topics, from creative to natural history. There will be a look at creative manipulation of images as well as the creative use of the camera to achieve pictorial results. The talk will contain something for every one, and give the viewer ideas on a variety of approaches in which to use the camera as both a creative and recording tool. The way to achieve results in creative manipulation will be explained as well as pictures showing the results obtainable with some types of manipulation.



A talk illustrated with 35mm transparencies, which looks at 160 of my exhibition transparencies. Again a wide variety of subject matter. Every transparency having been accepted in a national or international exhibition either in the UK or abroad. (This talk will be given only by special arrangement)



The talk will look at the unbelievable landscapes that can be found here and no where else on earth. A 35mm transparency lecture looking at the magnificent landscape of Arizona and Utah From the arid deserts around Sedona we travel north to the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, seen in changing light and weather conditions, one minute desert sun to the next deep snow. We go deep into the canyons of northern Arizona and see how nature has carved the narrow slots. Then to the magnificent Colorado River carved hundred of feet into the earth. We will visit Zion National Park and the fairyland of Bryce Canyon and see how ice and rain has etched into the sandstone leaving the mystical hoodoos. From here we drive high into the mountains of southern Utah and to the wonders of Arches National Park to see natural stone arches many hundreds of feet across etched from the rock. Monument Valley will be recognised as the home of many famous western films. The backdrop is unmistakable. This whole talk is interspersed with many more stunning views of this landscape.



The talk will cover a wide variety of work and interests. Not only will we see a diversity of nature, travel sports and landscape photography we will also visit many locations throughout the Northern Hemisphere. We will visit Canada, the United States, Mexico, Austria, Venice, Gibraltar and of course the United Kingdom. The talk looks at the many subjects available to the photographer from flowers to birds and animals. There is Sports photography covering powerboats, canoeing, motor-cross, parascending and even football as well as travel photography and environmental portraits in the streets of Belfast. There will be something for most people's interest. The talk contains over 200 colour transparencies of my recent work.



The talk compares the natural history and landscape of two islands renowned for their ornithological splendour. The islands of Lesvos in the Adriatic offers a spring time opportunity to photograph bird as they rest on their northward migration. The spring also sees an array of flowers and this coupled with the fact that the island has avoided the onset of commercialisation gives it a unique feel. The island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides has long been one of Britains most famous locations to photograph birds. The birds nest on unspoilt beaches and over open moorland. The rugged coast and seashore also offer an exciting location to capture the unspoilt parts of the British coast. This coupled with the profusion of other natural history subjects and the unspoilt village's offers a wonderful comparison between two truly unspoilt locations.



The second lecture looking at the locations visited by Photoventures tours. These centre mainly in the USA and include Yellowstone in winter, the Colorado Plateau, autumn in Rocky Mountains, The Northwestern USA, the New England Fall as well as the wild Northwest of the USA. This gives a small sample of the fantastic photography available to the traveller in the USA in both it majestic and intricate forms. This feast of travel photography includes spectacular landscapes, the wildlife and the detail of some of the world's most exciting locations. The talk is illustrated with over 200 amazing colour slides.



Photoventures is a new and exciting company formed and owned by myself in partnership, it organises specialist photographic tours to the United States and other world destinations. This talk illustrated with colour slides will show what is available to photographers in some of the most breath taking locations in the world. Our first stop takes us to the Golden State of California and the chance to visit Death Valley, Bodie, Yosemite, the Pacific Coast and San Francisco. We will visit the Colorado Plateau in Arizona and Utah looking at the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Page and Sedona. The grandeur of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are next. A detour to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons is next and what is perhaps the most fabulous location on the continent of North America. All these places have recently been visited by Photoventures tours and are locations to be visited in the future.



A talk illustrated with over 200 colour slides looks at winter and autumn in the park. Here we see one of the perhaps the worlds greatest natural phenomena. Yellowstone is the largest Geo-thermal area anywhere on the planet. Where the earth's heated core is allowed to heat the surface water, which percolates through the rock fissures and is super heated causing it to explode to the surface as geysers and bubbling mud pools. The surface area is rich in mineral and bacterial growth, which manifests itself as a myriad of colours and shapes on the edge of the hot pools. The warm waters attract a rich variety of plant and animal life from North American Bison, Moose, herds of wild Elk to Bald Eagles, Trumpeter Swans and even insects. The talk looks at winter and fall in the park. The remainder of our journey visits the Grand Tetons, the rolling cornfields of Eastern Washington State and the sites of Montana.



A talk illustrated with over 200 colour slides showing the wonders and colour of India. Our journey begins in Delhi, then onto the Udaipur with its amazing colour and splendour. We spend time in Jaipiur before a visit to the world famous Bharatphur bird reserve. Our journey takes us onto Fatephur Sikri and then Agra. In Agra we visit the amazing Taj Mahal and Red Fort before continuing on to Varanassi, the Hindi religions most holy place. Here we witness the devotion on the Ganges as well as the other sites before returning to our destination in Delhi. This in depth look at this part of India does well beyond the normal tourist views. We explore the colour of the Washing Ghats, the unique life in the Brickworks and much more detail of the people and their way of life.



Illustrated with colour slides showing the old 'Mother Road' Route 66 from Chicago across the middle of the USA to California. A walk down memory lane with photographs of many of the locations associated with the 'Road'. The Mustang Corral, the Cadillac Ranch, the old motels, drive in theatres and the famous location immortalised in songs such as "Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona' by The Eagles. Now the road made famous by the John Steinbeck novel 'Grapes of Wrath' is decaying to dust with a handful of people trying to preserve its place in history.



This talk which is illustrated with colour slides visit the gentle area of northern Patagonia around the Lake District and Chiloe. Here snow capped volcanoes touch the many lakes situated along this part of the Chilean coast. Chiloe Island is next with its unchanged life style and gentle coastline. From here the tour takes a dramatic turn with a visit to the rugged Torres del Paine with its towering granite peaks, situated at the end of the Patagonian icecap on the southern tip of South America. Here condors soar and guanaco roam wild as the ice cap relentlessly topples into the sea and lakes. This is one of the most dramatic landscapes on earth and is constantly evolving as it is battered by some of the worst weather on the planet. Yet in these remote and unforgiving conditions a unique abundance of wildlife exits and thrives.



Illustrated with colour slides and visiting the heart of the 'fall country' in New England. Our journey begins on the rugged Atlantic coast before heading inland to the autumn colours of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Here we explore the fantastic mountain scenery with its millions of Maples, Acers and other deciduous tree which give rise to the spectacular colours of autumn. Amid this splendour are the white clapboard houses, churches and history, which make New England in autumn such a popular and colourful location.


Print Lectures


A talk illustrated with colour prints outlining my favourite aspects of photography. The talk is divided into four sections: Section 1 covers general nature photography, illustrating insect, plant and small animals. Section two covers landscape photography in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. Section three cover British birds, from the hedgerow to the coast. Section four covers landscape photography of the Scottish Highlands.



A talk illustrated mainly with colour prints of India with particular emphasis on Delhi and Rajasthan. The talk concentrates mainly on the people of this land showing them in their natural environment. This is about the real India and not a trip around the palaces and temple. We will spend a good deal of time visiting one of the worlds most famous events, the Pushkar camel Fair. Here we will sample the excitement, the hustle and bustle of this gathering of over half a million Indian people at this annual estival of pilgrimage and commerce



A general print talk with Monochrome and colour prints illustrating a wide variety of photographic subject matter. There will be nature, landscape, pictorial, sports and creative photography as well as other aspects of picture making. This talk will demonstrate the wide variety of my photographic interests and can include my fellowship panel if required.



This is a joint talk also featuring the work of Paul REYNOLDS BA ARPS. Paul is the youngest person ever to achieve the LICENTIATE and ASSOCIATE of the Royal Photographic Society. He gained his 'L' aged 11yrs and his 'A' aged 15yrs 10 days. The awarding of the Associate required The Royal Photographic Society to alter it constitution to allow person under 18 years of age to be officially awarded the distinction. The talk will be illustrated with Paul's prints, mainly in colour and showing a cross section of disciplines. There will be the opportunity to view both of Paul's successful panels. Roger will show either prints or slides on a diverse range of subjects.



This lecture covers my recent work in both colour and monochrome. There is a wide diversity of work, which includes landscape, nature and travel. The lecture consists of both colour and monochrome prints and covers such diverse subjects as Birds, Flowers, India and the United States of America. From the intimate portraits of Indian children to the majestic landscapes of the United States, he breadth of the work will contain something that finds appeal from most observers. The how, the why and the wherefore will also be explained so there are no mysteries.